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2014-04-10 01:23 am

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 My fucking throat hurts so much that I can't sleep. Lying in bed. Hurting.

Made Mulligatawny soup tonight for tomorrow's lunches and the house still smells a bit spicy.

I should read some of the mountain of books on the bedside table. 

Zzz...there, that did it.
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2014-04-07 01:25 pm

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I took the day because I'm sick. Chills, sore throat, etc.

I've been lying in bed, thinking of maybe watching something silly on DVD so I can fade in and out of sleep without missing anything important. 

My hands smell like turkey (I was making congee earlier). It's a pet peeve of mine--when my hands smell like food. Ugh.

Gonna sleep until dear son comes home from school...

ETA: Just looked at my previous entry. Yeah, it was pretty much like that. Everyone on their devices. Why is it socially acceptable to visit family/friends and be playing on your phone/tablet most of the time?
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2014-04-05 09:59 am

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Today we're going to my SIL's house for a joint birthday celebration for her kids. It's about an hour's travel time, and the party is in the afternoon, which means the day's a write-off. Worse, SIL isn't a good cook, so we might have to do like Christine Baranski's family in The Ref and eat a meal en route before we show up.

I predict that the kids will play together and the adults will be divided into two camps: those playing on devices and those having analog conversations. I will probably be outside these camps, sitting in corners pretending to chew carrot sticks with great mental absorption.